About Claude Moore Scholars

The Claude Moore Scholars Program, launched in 2007, is the Foundation’s flagship program and was forged from Dr. Moore’s lifelong charitable endeavors. The Program focuses on broadening perspectives and opportunities in early education intervention to encourage students to pursue high-demand, foundational health science careers.

The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation selects and advises grant recipients of the Scholars Program through a business-like model, and supports school systems, community colleges, employers, and nonprofit groups to further workforce training for identified areas of critical need in the health sciences industry. Through grant funds, the Claude Moore Scholars Program is currently active in Northern Virginia, the Northern Shenandoah Valley, the Greater Richmond area, and Greater Roanoke.

Program Development

In early 2020, the Foundation committed to developing a model to expand the Claude Moore Scholars Program in a scalable, sustainable way to other areas of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

From experience, the Foundation has recognized that supporting students early in their training wasn’t enough. Career pathways beyond foundational jobs would need to be defined and students, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds, would need support to advance through these pathways. This will take participation and support from stakeholders throughout the Commonwealth, including K-12 school systems, community colleges, universities, employers, nonprofits, philanthropies, policymakers, and advocacy groups.

Health Sciences Highway

The health sciences workforce highway enables continuous learning, beginning with early engagement in middle school and continuing throughout with professional education.