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Roanoke City Public Schools and Roanoke County Public Schools offer numerous Health and Medical Science courses. Many of the following classes provide certificates of completion as well as real-life practice and experience.

  • Health and Medical Sciences: This course introduces the student to a variety of healthcare careers and develops basic skills required in all health and medical sciences. It is designed to help students understand the key elements of the U.S. healthcare system and to learn basic healthcare terminology, anatomy and physiology for each body system, pathologies, diagnostic and clinical procedures, therapeutic interventions, and the fundamentals of traumatic and medical emergency care.
  • Nurse Aide (CNA): Nurse Aide I, offered as an occupational preparation course beginning at the 11th-grade level, is regulated under the Virginia Board of Nursing. It emphasizes the study of nursing occupations as related to the healthcare system. Students study growth and development across the lifespan, simple body structure and function, and medical terminology. They are introduced to concepts of infection prevention and disease processes. Students receive entry-level skill training in patient nurse aide relationships; measuring and recording of vital signs; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; and general patient care. Work-based learning may be offered as part of this course.
  • Emergency Responder (EMT): Emergency Responder I tasks for this course represent the National and Virginia Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Educational Standards. Students explore and apply the fundamentals of EMS, anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology while demonstrating skills in assessing and managing patient care, including assessing the scene and understanding shock, resuscitation, and trauma.
  • Sports Medicine: In this course, students earn a certification in First Aid/CPR/AED. The course introduces students to topics such as human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, medical terminology, injuries and illnesses, and legal and ethical issues in sports medicine. Students also examine prospective careers in the sports medicine field.

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40 Douglass Avenue NW
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